SparkRise drives positive change throughout communities by connecting brands, causes, and influencers with technology that proves making a big impact can be simple and rewarding.

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Join celebrities, Real TOP GUN pilots, US military families and a bunch of Top Gun fans to celebrate.

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How SparkRise Works

SparkRise brings together brands, influencers, and causes – all who want to make a positive impact in our communities. Once a campaign has been defined and the players have been assembled, the campaign is kicked off by the following steps:

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Campaign videos, messages, and media content are created to bring awareness to the cause.

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Influencers post videos on their social media, causes send out messages via email and social media, and SparkRise works with Brands to create great PR for the campaign.

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Fans “spark change” by watching videos, clicking on surveys, downloading a coupon, or just learning about the campaign, cause, and supporters at no cost to them.

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SparkRise tracks each engagement, provides reporting, and Brands see clear results from their support.

SparkRise is Made For:


Responsible brands want to spark positive change, but the ROI on sponsorships is often difficult to measure. SparkRise uses a cost-per-engagement model with detailed metrics and trackable results which produce an ROI equivalent to traditional advertising.

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Causes don’t pay a dime to participate in a SparkRise campaign, and campaigns can be a significant source of revenue and awareness. Fostering new relationships with brands and influencers is always a great thing too!

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Unlike other partnerships, SparkRise campaigns allow influencers to empower their audience to affect massive change with an incredibly lightweight time commitment - all administered by a simple turnkey engagement. A 30 second video is all it takes to make a huge impact.

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Thoughts from Our Partners

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SparkRise takes the pain out of non-profit fundraising. It’s a better, faster, easier, smarter way to make a huge difference. What’s not to LOVE?— Val Kilmer
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I believe SparkRise is the best way for a business to be a leader in their community. And with the help of great causes, and influencers, we can help heal this planet in ways never before possible.— Andra Rush
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This is a game changer for the franchise industry. Now, franchise organizations can get an ROI for their sponsorship dollars that produce a return equivalent to traditional advertising campaigns, with the added bonus of positive PR and knowing they are helping out great causes across the country— Jerry Darnell

About Us

The SparkRise team is composed of individuals with backgrounds in corporate marketing, philanthropy, media, entertainment, education, entrepreneurship, and technology – all of whom have come together with the common goal of building a solution that can make this world a better place.

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4361 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90029
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