SparkRise, a better, faster, easier way for businesses to ignite consumer engagement.

SparkRise merges the best of influencer, cause and multi-channel marketing – creating powerful engagement while making the world a better place.

How does it work

How does SparkRise work?

SparkRise has unique relationships with hard-to-reach influencers and channel partners that partner with businesses on SparkRise campaigns.


A business initiates a SparkRise campaign by pledging funds towards a cause.


The business selects the cause and connects with an influencer and/or channel partner via SparkRise’s platform.


The campaign goes live, creating an engaging experience for consumers on any device (including mobile) where everyone wins!

Batman, Doc Holliday, Jim Morrison, Mark Twain and the other characters I’ve played would agree. With SparkRise everyone wins.
- Val Kilmer

How can I SparkRise?

There are many ways to SparkRise and help make the world a better place. You can SparkRise as a:


Businesses (small, mid-sized or large) or even public entities, foundations or others that want to ignite engagement with consumers.

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Social good causes that want to access new sources of funding and expand their impact and support.

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Channel Partner

Live events (e.g., sports, concerts, conferences, school events), traditional & online content providers (e.g., TV, radio, Netflix, Facebook Live) and others that want to help causes while deepening their connection with communities.


Actors, sports stars, performing artists, corporate & community leaders, local heroes, social media influencers and others who want to help causes they love.


Consumers who want to engage in a SparkRise experience and help make the world a better place!

Get Started

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