Creating 100 million #SparksOfChange

SparkRise is igniting communities by
connecting influencers, brands, and nonprofit organizations
to massively impact causes

How SparkRise Works

SparkRise brings hard-to-reach influencers together with corporate brands and nonprofit causes – all who want to drive change in our communities.  Together, we launch an awareness campaign that reaches the masses and drives corporate dollars to benefit the cause.

Benefits of SparkRise

SparkRise merges the best of cause related marketing and influencer marketing together to create a powerful engagement that benefits communities across the globe.


Businesses & Franchises

Businesses emerge as leaders in their community and align themselves with one or more top celebrity influencers and some community-based organizations. Additionally, SparkRise campaign goals are based on a “per engagement” basis.


Celebrity Influencers

Celebrity influencers make a positive impact in this world – simply by shooting a genuine 15-30 second shout-out on why they Spark for a cause they care about.


Community Based Organizations

Community Based Organizations get a new and more effective way to generate funds to help those in need. SparkRise brings everyone to the table and provides the technology solution to create an incredible community driven campaign.

Thoughts from Our Associates

SparkRise takes the pain out of non-profit fundraising. It’s a better, faster, easier, smarter way to make a huge difference. What’s not to LOVE?
Val Kilmer
This is a game changer for the franchise industry. Now, franchise organizations can get an ROI for their sponsorship dollars that produce a return equivalent to traditional advertising campaigns, with the added bonus of positive PR and knowing they are helping out great causes across the country.
Jerry Darnell
I believe SparkRise is the best way for a business to be a leader in their community. And with the help of great causes, and influencers, we can help heal this planet in ways never before possible.
Andra Rush